Our Strength

Our Strength.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Ameet H. Gadhoke, son of Mr. H. S. Gadhoke has brought a brand new phase to the company. Being energetic himself, with his profound knowledge and natural flair he has been striving hard to make the company achieve remarkable success and leave his mark as a leader.

What sets us apart in this competitive industry is our passion for achieving the best engineered solutions for our clients, and our vision to change the face of construction, regardless of the technical challenge. We have, by far, proved ourselves by exhibiting efficiency in all the projects that we have taken up.

The results so far have been overwhelming. Our strength lies in our ability to use the available resources aptly completing the projects with high efficiency and quality at optimum prices. Apart from this, we have many efficient and dedicated employees working in our projects to bring out the best possible results.

Our professional teams are highly experienced and committed. They always thrive to bring out the best possible results working in various roots like planning, execution and maintenance.